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There are many misunderstandings about becoming a foster carer. Some people think you have to be in a relationship or own your own home, but that's not true. These false ideas might make potential foster carers unsure if they're a good fit or if they can handle the actual responsibilities.

At Berry Street, we embrace diversity among our foster carers. Our carers are from various ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, relationship statuses, and experiences.

Our Berry Street foster care recruitment team has debunked the six most common foster care myths they encounter. Keep reading to learn the facts about fostering a local child or young person in Victoria.

1. Can I be a foster carer if I’m single?

Absolutely! Families come in all sorts of forms. What truly matters is your capacity to provide care and support to a child or young person, not whether you're in a relationship. We welcome foster care enquiries from single people of any age.

2. Can I work full-time and be a foster parent?

Yes, you can have a career and be a foster carer – many of our Berry Street foster parents hold full-time jobs while providing care.

Just like in many other families, our foster families include a carer or carers who work full-time or part-time. Some children may need a carer at home, especially young ones, but many carers successfully balance work with their caregiving responsibilities.

The most important thing about being a foster carer is providing a safe and stable home for a child or young person. Foster carers come from various backgrounds – they might work full-time, part-time, or even volunteer. They could be retirees, students, or other employment situations. At Berry Street, we work with you to ensure that placements are matched with your availability and what is going to provide the best outcomes for the child or young person.

If you're 21 or older and have a spare room to provide a safe and nurturing home for a child or young person, you can apply to become a foster carer.

3. I am from the LGBTIQA+ community. Can I be a foster carer?

Yes, of course you can. We warmly welcome foster carers from the LGBTIQA+ community at Berry Street.

Our diverse range of LGBTIQA+ carers offer invaluable care to children and young people, bringing their unique life experiences to enrich their time in our care. Just as our carers come from varied backgrounds, so do the children and young individuals in need of foster care, including those from the LGBTIQA+ community.

Providing a safe, stable home and caring for a child is what makes a family. As an organisation, we openly embrace LGBTIQA+ foster carers. We invite you to submit a foster care enquiry if you can provide a caring home to a local child or young person.

4. I'm a renter, can I foster?

Yes! Whether you rent or live in an apartment, you can still apply to become a foster carer. We'll work with you to make sure your home meets the required standards for foster care, like childproofing. While it's important to provide each child with a bedroom or a shared one for siblings, as long as your home is safe and suitable for children, you're good to go!

5. I don't have children. Can I foster?

Yes, you can. We're looking for individuals who can offer caring and a safe home to children, whether or not they have kids.

Our accredited Berry Street foster carers usually have experience with children, gained through interactions with their kids, work, babysitting for family, or community involvement.

What matters most is your willingness to learn, collaborate with a team, and receive ongoing training and support from our expert staff. You're not alone on this journey!

6. Is fostering hard work? I’m not sure I have the time

Fostering doesn't mean you have to stay home all the time – many of our foster carers have full-time jobs. We need carers for various types of care, like overnight emergencies, short or long-term care, and respite care. We'll work with you to find the type of care that suits you and your lifestyle.

Any parent will tell you parenting has challenges; fostering is no different. Many carers go through ups and downs with the child or young person in their care, but for many of our fabulous carers, the rewards are made all the sweeter when you weather the hard days too.

We understand that deciding to become a foster carer takes time, consideration and commitment. That's why we’re here, ready to assist you at every stage in finding the right type of foster care that suits you.

You're likely feeling more informed and empowered about the foster care journey. If you have any questions or need myths debunked, please don't hesitate to reach out via email at or by calling 1800 816 037.

Become a foster carer and support a local child

Childhood is a journey—partner with Berry Street to support a child or young person on theirs.

As a Berry Street foster carer, you’ll be a part of a team that is committed to supporting children and young people who cannot live safely at home. By providing a safe and nurturing place to live – you'll be there for them at a crucial moment in their life.