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At Berry Street, our staff witness the reality of children facing abuse and neglect every day.

Right now, more children than ever need foster care, but the number of new foster carers continues to decline.*

The rising cost of living has pushed more families to their limits, and sadly, children like Kaitlin*, can’t remain safely living at home.

When dedicated foster carer Elaine* first met Kaitlin, she said it was clear she had experienced significant neglect. Kaitlin was malnourished and wouldn’t look anyone in the eye, or speak a word.

Yet, Elaine knew that with the right support and care, Kaitlin could recover from her trauma, and go on to be happy.

Thousands of children can’t live safely at home

Unfortunately, Kaitlin's story isn't unique. The economic crisis has created a situation where more and more children need our help – and yet the number of foster carers is decreasing.

Berry Street’s Senior Manager of Foster Carer Recruitment, Kylie, said: “The truth is, I have never heard such a sense of hopelessness among our regional [foster care support] teams as I have in the last month, because of the pressure they’re facing.

On the one side, the number of children and young people who cannot safely live at home has increased. And, on the other side, there is a shortage of new foster carers signing up to provide this vital care. This can’t go on!”

We can't do it alone.

With our fundraising income declining, Berry Street urgently needs support to bridge the gap.

When you support Berry Street with a donation, you are helping us create and maintain safe homes. Donations can help us to:

  • Recruit and train new foster carers: We need passionate individuals like Elaine, who can provide a loving, stable environment for children in crisis.
  • Support existing foster families: The journey of healing takes time. Berry Street works to ensure foster families have the resources and support they need to nurture children like Kaitlin.
  • Offer evidence-based programs: Berry Street provides trauma-informed care, helping children heal from trauma and go on to lead happy and healthy lives.

Thanks to Elaine's support and care, Kaitlin is safe and recovering from her trauma.

Supported by Berry Street's wraparound services, Elaine helped Kaitlin receive medical attention and adjust to her new school and home.

But many children still need Berry Street’s help, and we can’t do it without support.

*Quantum Market Research Report 2023 published by Fostering Connections and the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare