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Every year at Christmas, teachers and support staff all over Victoria receive gifts from children to thank them for their guidance and teaching all year long. While all gifts from grateful students are always appreciated, sometimes teachers and school staff don’t feel the need for more cute mugs or boxes of chocolates. Enter Teacher Presence, a new and innovative way to show gratitude while spreading the love and supporting children in need.

“Teacher Presence is all about helping families to give thanks in meaningful ways. After all, we don’t need more mugs!” said Andrea McKeller, founder of Teacher Presence, and a teacher herself. “We wanted to help share what we have with those who need it, and this is such a great way to do that.”

With Teacher Presence, families basically give two gifts at Christmas! Instead of buying teachers and support staff more things they don’t need, families can donate to Berry Street on behalf of a teacher or other staff member. It’s truly the best way to say thank you to beloved teachers and support staff, while also supporting vulnerable children and families during a challenging time.

How does Teacher Presence work?

  1. Teachers sign up via the website and select the charity they’d like to raise funds for (there are four options – including Berry Street*)
  2. Families visit the website and look for their teacher’s photo
  3. Families then donate the amount that they can afford – no need to spend more than you normally would have!
  4. The funds come directly to the charity your teacher has chosen.

What if your teacher isn’t listed?

If your teacher or school isn’t listed on Teacher Presence, you can encourage them to get involved. Simply share the Teacher Presence website with your school or even talk to one of the school leaders. You can also find a wide range of resources on the website to inform schools and families about Teacher Presence. And of course encourage your teachers to select Berry Street as their chosen charity!

“We find that the support of school leadership really helps drive the message,” said Andrea. “We’d love to have more schools involved, so we can raise even more funds for Berry Street!”

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, visit or email Vicki at

*If your teacher has chosen a different children’s charity, we totally understand that you might want to support them… but you might also want to consider a donation via our Gifts from the Heart. The choice is of course yours – and we’re grateful for any support you can provide!