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Berry Street’s take Two program recently ran a free webinar about trauma-informed principles for working with infants and young children. The recording is now available to watch.

In the first part, our Assistant Director (and former Take Two Infant Mental Health Consultant) Catherine McQueen provides an overview of some of the guiding principles that inform infant mental health work in the context of trauma, family violence and complex systems.

We then hear a case study from one of our clinicians Brenda Fenton, and her clinical team leader Simone Rutherfurd.

Brenda has been working with a toddler, Maisie (not her real name) who experienced traumatic things early in life. Unfortunately, Maisie’s needs were being missed amongst the rest of the family's needs. Brenda has successfully helped the family and professionals understand Maisie's needs and given her a voice in a complex and chaotic situation.

This Clinical Conversation is based on our free 'Principles for trauma-informed practice with infants and young children' practice paper and is part of Berry Street’s 2023 Infant Mental Health & Wellbeing Series of training and events.

About Take Two

Berry Street’s Take Two program is a therapeutic service helping address the developmental trauma and mental health impacts on children after abuse, neglect and family violence.