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The Safe & Together™ Model

Mother and two children walking amongst nature

We know the experience of family violence has a devastating impact on children’s lives. It is vital that we seek ways to help children heal and to strengthen children’s family relationships.

The Safe & Together™ Model is an internationally respected approach for working with families impacted by domestic violence perpetrator behaviour. At Berry Street, we are committed to the implementation of the Safe & Together™ Model across the organisation. To date, we have trained our Specialist Family Violence teams within our Northern Region.

The Safe & Together™ Model was developed by David Mandel in the United States. The model helps child welfare systems to become better partners to adult survivors and their children, and to intervene more effectively with perpetrators. The growing body of data on the model shows that it helps keep children safely with their protective parent and changes the way practitioners work with the entire family.

Berry Street partners with the Safe & Together™ Institute to host the annual Asia Pacific Safe & Together™ Model conference.

We participated in the Multi-Agency Triage (MAT) project which was informed by the Safe & Together™ principles. The MAT project research report found that the use of the Safe & Together™ Model resulted in better management for intake and intervention for children affected by family violence.

To learn more about the Safe and Together™ Model, go to Safe and Together Institute: About the model

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