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Assistance for families: Berry Street's support services

Support and assistance for families

Some families face a multitude of challenges, from economic hardships to other complex family-related issues. The demands of parenting while accessing vital support services can be overwhelming. At Berry Street, we understand the intricate needs that families have, and our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance for families. Discover how we're dedicated to creating stable and nurturing environments for children and families in Victoria.

Berry Street's mission: Supporting Australian families

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by families, Berry Street offers a range of programs and services to provide much-needed assistance. These programs address various aspects of family support, including:

  • Family violence support services: Berry Street's expertise in providing support to families facing family violence is a cornerstone of our work. Our comprehensive family violence support services are designed to assist those affected.

  • Trauma services: Berry Street's Victoria-wide therapeutic service, Take Two, plays a crucial role in addressing the trauma experienced by children, young people, and families.

  • Out-of-home care, including foster care: When circumstances mean children and young people need to leave their family homes, Berry Street provides out-of-home care, including foster care, kinship care and residential care.

  • Parenting and family services: Berry Street understands the significance of providing support to parents and families, offering a range of programs to assist families in various aspects of their lives.

  • Financial support services for families: To help families facing financial hardship, Berry Street partners with organisations to provide income support services.

  • Advocacy for early intervention: Berry Street's approach is rooted in early intervention and prevention, aimed at reorienting the family and education systems to ensure that children and families receive the support they need before issues escalate.

How you can support our mission

We believe in the power of collective action to transform the lives of Australian families, your support can make a tangible difference and there are various ways you can contribute:

  • Donate: Your direct financial contributions are invaluable to our mission. By donating, you provide essential funding that enables us to continue our diverse range of programs and services.

  • Gift in your will: Consider including Berry Street in your estate planning. This thoughtful gesture can leave a lasting legacy of support for families.

  • Partner with Berry Street: Joining forces with us can have a lasting impact. We collaborate with businesses, organisations, and individuals who share our commitment to supporting families. Partner with us to create meaningful change.

  • Fundraising: Organise or participate in fundraising events that contribute to our mission. Your active involvement in raising funds can make a significant difference.

  • Philanthropy: Philanthropic support plays a vital role in our efforts. Your philanthropic contributions directly support our mission to help Victorian families.

  • Become a mentor: Our mentoring programs offer young people the opportunity to build positive relationships with caring and supportive volunteer mentors from the community. Your mentorship can create positive change in their lives.

  • Support an appeal: Our appeals address critical issues affecting families. By supporting these initiatives, you become an advocate for change, helping us drive awareness and action on key family-related challenges.

  • Give a gift to a child in need: Your thoughtful contributions directly benefit children in need. These gifts provide essential support and can make a positive difference in their lives.

  • Foster care: Partner with us to provide vital care for children or young people who cannot live with their family. Our comprehensive foster care service offers various types of care, ensuring a nurturing environment for every child.