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Student placement

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Berry Street has a strong commitment to providing quality learning opportunities to students undertaking placements across the organisation. We are the largest independent child and family services organisation in Victoria and provide a wide range of services to children, young people and families across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria.

Student placement with Berry Street

A placement with Berry Street ensures you will be surrounded by an encouraging and supportive team, receive regular supervision, and have professional development opportunities available. We do, however, receive a large number of student placement requests each year and regrettably, we are unable to accommodate them all. All available placement opportunities are allocated through education providers. If you are seeking a placement, please contact your education provider directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Berry Street accepts a wide variety of students on placement each year. All students must be completing a qualification, in particular a Certificate IV and above.

A placement must be part of the course requirement, and students must be supported by their education provider to complete a placement with us.

Due to the demand and number of applications we receive for student placements, unfortunately we are only able to accommodate people who are required to undertake placement. We are unable to provide volunteer placements.

Regrettably, we can’t assist in your request for a placement or internship while you’re here in Australia.

Given the nature of the work Berry Street does and issues of client confidentiality, we do not have the capacity to offer these kinds of opportunities.

Most of the information you would need for an assignment can be found on our website. For more information about our work please see: