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Therapeutic Life Story Work - child trauma training

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Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW)

Berry Street is pleased to partner with Richard Rose to deliver training to Australian practitioners in Therapeutic Life Story Work. Through our Professional Learning and Development Team we deliver one day introductory workshops throughout the year and an Advanced Certificate the Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work.

TLSW explained

Therapeutic Life Story Work enables children and young people who have experienced the trauma of child abuse and neglect and who are struggling with the pain of their past to reflect, develop compassion for themselves and move on. It is a defined approach, designed to introduce the past as markers for the present. Once these are understood, the child is supported in considering how to move on to make significant changes, as a result of a far deeper understanding and awareness of how their history has been negatively impacting on their present.

In essence, Therapeutic Life Story Work is not just about the who, what, where, when, why and how, but how a painful past, if not reflected on and worked through, can go on to blight the present and future. Instead, if we can help children to think about their history of trauma and loss, to understand its origins and effects, we can identify and understand the ‘ghosts of the past’ so children are no longer haunted by them. For more information visit the TLSW website.

Advanced Certificate in TLSW

The Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Life Story Work is a six-day online course designed for skilled therapeutic practitioners who already have intermediate knowledge and experience in trauma-informed care and are working in the child and family services sector.

Over the six sessions students will learn the stages, tools and practice of this therapeutic intervention.

The Advanced Certificate is ideal for practitioners working in an organisation where there is already Therapeutic Life Story work being conducted or for skilled practitioners who want to add this intervention to their current role.

The Advanced Certificate is a stand alone course delivered online. The next course will run in July and August 2024 and registrations will open in March 2024.

Professional Diploma in TLSW

The Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work is a comprehensive 12-day course (delivered over 12-months) based on Richard Rose's 'Life Story Therapy with Traumatised Children - A Model for Practice' (2012). It is designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake Therapeutic Life Story Work with children and young people during the course of their work.

This more intensive course will require students to complete assessments outside of classroom time and demonstrate their competency to deliver the intervention.

The Professional Diploma is ideal for practitioners who want to be supported through their learning journey receiving feedback on their theoretical knowledge, application, practical tools, and assessment models of the work they conduct with their chosen child, young person or adult.

People can complete this course without prior knowledge of TLSW. The next course will commence in July 2024 and applications will be open from March 2024.

Who should attend

Life Story Therapy will greatly benefit anyone working with children and young people affected by early life trauma including: practitioners working with children and young people in care; teachers; youth workers; therapists; and those who are involved in recovery work with children and families in need.

Please contact us as for more information and upcoming course dates.

Getting started

View upcoming training dates for TLSW here, or to discuss tailored training options with Richard, available Australia-wide, please contact the Professional Learning & Development Team on 03 9421 9362 or email