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Berry Street School

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We believe all children and young people deserve to thrive, achieve and belong.

The Berry Street School is a specialist independent school that supports 170 students from years 7 to 12.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do, and our programs are designed to meet their individual needs. Our curriculum is delivered with high expectations for student learning and has a focus on helping students build the tools they need for a successful future.

Students at our school have become disengaged from mainstream education. They come from a variety of backgrounds: some have experienced bullying in mainstream schools and some are in out-of-home care (foster, kinship and residential care). This means they often have gaps in their learning.

These students need individualised support to keep them on track with their learning and make sure they have the same opportunities as their peers. Without this support, young people are at risk of disengaging completely from school, which can lead to poorer life outcomes.

The first Berry Street School campus opened in 2003 in Noble Park as a response to local need.

Our school has since grown to 4 campuses in areas with high demand for a specialist independent school:

  • Noble Park
  • Morwell
  • Shepparton
  • Ballarat.
Map of Victoria showing locations of Berry Street School campuses in Ballarat, Morwell, Noble Park and Shepparton.

The Berry Street School uses the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM), which is informed by our approaches to trauma-informed learning and the science of wellbeing.

The model empowers teachers to:

  • meet the specific needs of young people
  • increase students’ engagement with learning.

It also helps students improve their self-regulation, growth and academic achievement.

Coloured graphic showing the 5 domains of the Berry Street Education Model: Body, Stamina, Relationship, Character and Engagement.

Through BSEM, our school provides a stable, supportive and flexible environment to support students to engage with their studies.

Our school ensures all students can:

  • learn to self-regulate so they can focus and concentrate better in class
  • develop an education plan with clear learning goals and outcomes, as well as broad life and behaviour goals
  • commit to their own measurable academic growth
  • learn strategies to become independent learners in their schooling, pathway choices and adulthood.

We believe all children and young people have the right to a high quality education that helps them thrive, achieve and belong. Berry Street School students are taught in a varied and flexible way that adapts to their academic requirements and interests.

Every student has an Individual Education Plan with clear learning goals and outcomes, as well as broad life and behaviour goals. These plans help ensure success for every student. They also allow staff to adapt each young person’s learning to build on their strengths and support them in their life goals.

We offer the Victorian Certificate for Applied Learning (VCAL) to senior students, who can build skills in:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • personal development
  • structured workplace learning.

Students can access various Vocational Education and Training (VET) and VET in schools courses through VCAL.

Our teachers support young people to build their developmental needs in both literacy and numeracy. The Reading Without Limits program supports students to become lifelong readers by increasing a love of learning, learning stamina and reading skills.

Maths Pathway teaches numeracy with tailored teaching and assessments to the individual student.

Elective activities develop students' skills across the Victorian Curriculum. They have access to technology (such as iPads) and can engage with hands-on, practical and creative learning every day.

Our school fosters a high level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

We support initiatives for reconciliation in classrooms across all campuses. Our staff are committed to reflect and engage in high-quality teaching to ensure that our practice is culturally responsive.

The Berry Street School's goal is to help young people be successful in their future pathways. As students prepare to leave school, the Pathways Program supports them to develop an individualised plan so they can move into further education, training or employment.

Through VCAL certificates, the program gives students access to:

  • classroom-based learning
  • work experience
  • applied training.

After graduation, we regularly check in with and support our young people.

Two girls sitting working on a laptop

For more information about our school or to make a referral, please contact your closest campus:

Noble Park
Assistant Principal Amy Mazzitelli

Assistant Principal Rebecca Robinson

Assistant Principal Damian McKee

Assistant Principal Teresa Deshon

To speak with a staff member on the phone, please call 03 9429 9266.

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