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Mallee Therapeutic Family Violence Service

Woman with her hand on girls shoulder

The Mallee Therapeutic Family Violence Service (MTFVS) supports babies, children and adolescents, and their caregivers to recover from family violence.

MTFVS partnership

MTFVS is a partnership between:

Who can access this service?

The MTFVS program is available to babies, children, adolescents, women and families that have or are experiencing family violence.

This free service is for victim survivors living in the local government areas of:

  • Mildura
  • Swan Hill
  • Buloke
  • Gannawarra.

Services available

Phone consultations to parents or caregivers of children who have experienced family violence to help them:

  • respond to their children in the present
  • consider the ongoing therapeutic support options for them and their children.

Preliminary sessions with babies, children and young people and their caregiver to help them communicate and adapt during times of change and assess future therapeutic needs.

  • Individual sessions for babies, children and young people with their caregiver.
  • Individual sessions for people aged 15 years and over.

We provide secondary consultation to other professionals and can co-work with clients.

How to access services

Families can refer their children to MTFVS. If you live in the Mallee, please contact Mallee Domestic Violence Services

For Mildura and Northern Mallee, phone 03 5021 2130

For Swan Hill and Southern Mallee, phone 03 5033 1899

Mallee Domestic Violence Services logo

Referrals from other organisations

A range of services and programs can refer to MTFVS, including:

All referrals should be made through Mallee Domestic Violence Services.

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