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Restoring Relationships provides support to young people and their families who are concerned about a young person’s use of violence at home and want to see improvements in safety, communication and relationships.

Our approach

Restoring Relationships is an early intervention service supporting families that include a young person using violence at home. Addressing the concerning behaviours as soon as possible is the best way of increasing safety for the young person and their family.

Our service provides families with a case manager and a clinician.

The case manager will help with immediate supports, including accommodation, referrals to other support services and financial assistance if needed.

The clinician will provide trauma-informed care for the young person and for families using our mental health expertise. We use the MARAM model of family violence risk assessment to continually assess the family’s safety.

We are experienced in working closely with young people and families in tough situations. We will talk with the family about what has been going on, how it’s impacting them and how they want things to change in the future. It is not about pretending everything is fine, because often it is not.

Restoring Relationships is about understanding, because we can only help change things once we understand.

We help by supporting families to develop healthier, safer and happier relationships.

Family violence may include different forms of abuse, control and/or violence. Learn more about what family violence is.


We are funded by Family Safety Victoria and are part of Berry Street’s Take Two trauma-recovery service.

Locations and how to access Restoring Relationships

Restoring Relationships is delivered in the following areas across Victoria:

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