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Workplace Giving

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Through Workplace Giving, your support will help to:

  • provide safe homes for children, young people and families
  • help children and young people to learn and achieve
  • keep women and children safe from family violence.

About Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is an efficient way for you to support Berry Street. Giving from your pre-tax income means donations cost less, your taxable income is reduced and Berry Street receives the full benefit of the donation. Simply choose the amount to donate from your salary, notify your employer and it will be deducted from your pay. You'll then receive an instant tax benefit with no need to collect donation receipts for tax returns, since donations are pre-tax.

When you donate $30 per pay:

A drawing on a hand holding a dollar symbol and text saying it only costs twenty dollars and 25 cents
A drawing of a hand holding a love heart and dollar symbols with text Berry Street received the full $30
A love heart with your workplace has the option to match your donation, increasing your donation to 60 dollars

In this example, Berry Street would receive an annual donation of $780 but it only costs you $527. Even better, if your employer dollar matches, this would increase to a $1,560 donation!

*Based on fortnightly contributions and an average income of $70,000 in FY20/21. Figures may differ depending on the tax year and your income bracket.


Not only do you have the knowledge that you are supporting vulnerable children, young people and families, you:

  • reduce your taxable income
  • don't need to collect receipts for your annual tax return as donations are pre-tax
  • maximise the value of your donation
  • automatically deduct donations each pay.

The impact of your donations

  • $10 per pay per month helps to buy educational toys and resources for our therapy programs
  • $30 per pay per month helps a child learn to read through our early learning program
  • $50 per pay per month helps pay for a pack of school essentials for a student at a Berry Street school
  • $100 per pay per month helps to recruit and train more foster carers

Get started with Workplace Giving

To register your interest in Workplace Giving with Berry Street please contact us on 1800 237 797 or