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Sell goodies and donate

Sell goodies and donate

Do you own or manage a small business, cafe or online store? Do you sell goodies at markets? Maybe you sell secondhand goods from home or online. You can donate some of your profits to Berry Street and know that every dollar will help.

Some of the ways you can donate to Berry Street through sales of products or services:

  • Do you run a cafe, pub or restaurant? Why not add $1, $2 or more to meals or drinks on a certain day or through a given period or organise a one-off pop-up shop and donate profits
  • Do you sell products online or in a shop? You can donate a percentage from each sale – and let people know how you’re supporting Berry Street!
  • Do you need to declutter the home? Sell secondhand goodies through market stalls, garage sale, or online – and donate some (or all!) of the funds
  • Do you teach classes like Pilates, dance, creative writing, art or fitness or do special talks? You can donate a percentage from each session or run a special one-off taster event.

No matter what you sell, you can donate profits from sales or donate your proceeds from a special one-off activity. Some recent examples of people donating profits and proceeds are online jewelry, an antique shop, Pokemon cards, a foccacia pop-up cafe, $1 added to each drink at an event, and a 9-year-old who organised a garage sale. Whatever your idea, we’re here to help, so register your idea today!

We’re here to help

After you register your fundraising activity, we’ll be in touch via email – and we’re here to provide support if you need it.

Terms and conditions

Depending on the fundraiser you organise, there may be some regulations and processes you’ll need to follow.