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On The Frontline In Emergencies: a practical guide for communities and community services organisations.

Natural disasters are on the rise. Governments, emergency services and community sector organisations can expect to respond to more extreme fire weather, severe storms and drought as the climate changes. This guide seeks to assist those responses through each phase of emergency management: planning, response, relief and recovery. The guide has been developed from Berry Street’s work in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires. We learned valuable lessons and are committed to sharing this knowledge as widely as possible.

Download the Report ( 6,094 KB, PDF )

Looking After Children (LAC)

Berry Street was the first organisation in Victoria to introduce the quality management tool Looking After Children (LAC) for all children and young people in our out of home care services.

Berry Street's LAC implementation included the development of a training package "Looking After Children: Building the Picture" which placed LAC within the Victorian context.

The "LAC Training Implementation Final Report", published below in three sections, describes the implementation of this training program in the twelve months following the decision to implement LAC in Victoria. The report also includes an examination of the key elements outside the training that were critical to the successful implementation of the training program and subsequent introduction of LAC.

Section 1 - LAC Implementation Overview ( 1,390 KB, PDF )
This section contains an examination of the key elements in the Victorian implementation of LAC which were critical to the successful implementation of the training program and LAC as a practice framework.

Section 2 - Training Implementation of Component Analysis ( 1,481 KB, PDF )
This section contains the detail of the training implementation process undertaken and evaluation of each of the components of the process. This includes planning, consultation, training model, training delivery and post-training issues.

Section 3 - Appendices ( 1,640 KB, PDF )
This section contains the detailed appendices, including raw data and comments from practitioners, carers and managers from across the state.

Living Independently Manual (LIM)

The Living Independently Manual is no longer current and has been superseded by our Switch On program. For more information please see the Switch On Page.

Switch On

‘Switch On: do it FOR YOUrself’ is a set of resources to support young people transitioning to independent living.

Switch On resources can be used by both young people and those who are supporting them. There are helpful tips, ideas and guides to help out with everything from where to get free food and cheap furniture, to how to budget and keep money under control.

Developed with young people and staff in the Out of Home Care system in Victoria, the information in the resources is useful for any young person moving towards living independently.

The resources include:
  • A Helper’s Folder (CD-rom) for social workers, case managers, carers, parents, teachers or any other adult supporting a young person to move out of home. It contains information, advice, templates for budgeting and writing resumes or application letters, contact lists for useful services and all sorts of other helpful stuff that young people might need to know or access.
  • A magnetic flip chart for young people to stick on their fridge door. It has all the essentials in it: space for important phone numbers, information about managing your money and finding accommodation, looking after your health and what to do if your utilities get disconnected or break down.
  • A wallet card for keeping important contacts close to hand! Also for young people, the card has emergency contact details and space to write personal contacts as well… And it all fits nicely into a wallet!

    Preparing for independence begins years before young people physically move out of home or their care experience, so don’t wait to get started – start using Switch On today!

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