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Robert Tucker

Social Work Consultant Robert Tucker
Social Work Consultant and Director of RGT Training and Consultancy

Robert Tucker

Bachelor of Science | Diploma in Applied Social Studies (Social Work) | CQSW

Robert is a Social Work Consultant and the Director of RGT Training and Consultancy. The agency specialises in sexual abuse, sexual behaviour problems and child trauma in the United Kingdom. He has over 30 years’ experience in social work with government and non-government agencies, primarily in the field of child protection. He has undertaken investigation, assessment, case management, intervention and consultancy work.

He specialises in working with children, young people and their caregivers where there are concerns about sexual abuse and children’s sexual behaviour. Robert provides assessments and intervention to children and adolescents who are victims or suspected victims of abuse, and to those who display sexually inappropriate or sexually harmful behaviours. He regularly collaborates with colleagues working with the alleged or convicted offender to provide an integrated family approach to sexual abuse.

In addition to his clinical work, Robert provides training and consultancy to a variety of professionals and agencies, contributes to social work and psychology courses and acts as an expert witness.