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Alishya's story

Intensive Case Manager Alishya

Alishya Tanos works in Intensive Case Management Services (ICMS) in our South Eastern region. Alishya has always wanted to work for Berry Street, explaining that she “respected the organisation and the work that they do”.

She started her career in youth work to build up her skills and learn more about the child protection and family services systems. She often worked alongside Berry Street case managers.

Now a Case Manager with ICMS herself, Alishya supports young people in out-of-home care who are identified as high risk and require an intensive case management approach to connect them with all the support they need. She also provides case management for the Teaching Family Model.

Integrity as an organisational value is about being transparent, honest and open, not only with the young people we’re supporting but with other stakeholders who are involved.

Alishya Tanos Intensive Case Manager

“We work with hope. It gives us something to work towards. When things are challenging, if we have hope that we can make a small change, then it motivates us to keep going even though it can be upsetting or frustrating. We believe and we care.”

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