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Vince's story

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Vince Simeone has been working for Berry Street for a remarkable 34 years! Vince explains that “Even though that may sound like a long time, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for an organisation where my role has had many changes and different challenges. Every time there’s a change, I see it as a new challenge and a learning experience.”

Vince is currently the Senior Manager of Property Services. He makes sure that our residential care homes and other properties where we have young people sleeping or living comply with the relevant standards. This includes:

  • Berry Street standards
  • Australian Building Code standards
  • Department of Health and Human Services standards.

“The culture of Berry Street is so important - we need to always understand why we’re here, and always understand why the young people that we’re helping are here.”

This ties into the Berry Street value of Respect. For Vince, being respectful is about being truthful, caring and empathetic.

I’ve never, ever promised a young person in our care something unless I’ve been 100% sure it’s going to be deliverable.

Vince Simeone Senior Manager of Property Services