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BSEM early years

BSEM Early Childhood Education

The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) early childhood education course is specifically designed for early childhood educators who want to know more about how being trauma-informed can help their centres better address the needs of the children and families they serve. It provides key strategies that can be implemented immediately and would have a measurable impact.

During the two-day course, participants will learn about being trauma-informed and responding to children with trauma-aware approaches.

Upcoming BSEM early childhood education courses

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The five modules of BSEM early childhood education

  1. stress and the young child
  2. managing impulses through healthy play
  3. relationships and attachment
  4. teacher stress and environments
  5. family engagement.

Early childhood education topics covered

  • trauma and its impacts on the developing brain
  • exploring the stress response and what can be done to de-escalate a heightened child
  • a focus on co-regulation and self-regulation through activities that rely on experiential learning and play
  • determining ways trauma-informed strategies can be implemented into the rhythms and routines of an early childhood setting
  • engaging the family in their child's learning.

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