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Professor Anne Buist

Professor of Women’s Mental Health Anne Buist
Professor of Women’s Mental Health, University of Melbourne, Austin Health

Professor Anne Buist

FRANZCP | Doctor of Medicine | Master of Medicine | Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Professor Anne Buist is Professor of Women’s Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, Austin Health. For over 25 years she managed mother and baby units in both the private and public sector. Anne currently oversees a perinatal outreach program and works with protective services in cases of abuse, infanticide and child murder. This work inspires the psychological thrillers she writes.

In 2001, Anne received a $4 million grant and led the beyondblue Postnatal Depression Program, screening over 40,000 women across Australia over 4 years. Recommendations from this study have been accepted by the Australian Government and are being implemented across the country.

Other areas of her research include:

  • the history of child abuse and perinatal depression
  • antenatal prevention
  • a cost analysis of perinatal depression
  • a study of why women delay seeking help
  • research into the mother and infant relationship.

These projects have had a direct impact on clinical care and assisted health services on how to ensure good practice.