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David Mandel

Executive Director of the Safe and Together Institute David mandel
Executive Director of the Safe & Together™ Institute

David Mandel

Master of Arts | Licensed Professional Counselor

With over almost 30 years’ experience in the domestic violence field, David’s international training and consulting focuses on improving systems’ responses to domestic violence when children are involved. Through years of work with child welfare systems, David has developed the Safe & Together™ Model to improve case practice and cross-system collaboration in domestic violence cases involving children. He has also identified how a perpetrator pattern-based approach can improve our ability to help families and promote the development of domestic violence-informed child welfare systems.

David and the Safe & Together™ Institute’s staff and faculty have consulted to child welfare systems in a number of states in the United States (US). In the last 5 years, their work has expanded outside the US with research, training and consultation in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries. The Safe & Together™ Institute works closely with domestic violence advocates to help them work more effectively with child protection systems and better advocate for adult and child domestic violence survivors.

David has created a Certified Trainer course that will increase the Institute’s ability to support sustainable implementation of domestic violence-informed practice.

David has written and co-written journal articles on batterers’ perceptions of their children’s exposure to domestic violence, domestic violence case reading tools, and the intersection of domestic violence and child welfare practice. His chapter on “Batterers and the Lives of Their Children” was published in the Praeger Series Violence Against Women in Families and Relationships.